Captain Blair Perkins is qualified and skilled to pilot your vessel anywhere along the east coast.
East Coast Yacht Delivery

From the time I was a little boy, I have been piloting both sail and power boats around the difficult waters surrounding Nantucket Island, MA. As I got older, my journeys became longer and more challenging. Now, as a seasoned captain, I am capable and qualified to be entrusted with your sail or power vessel for delivery anywhere from The Gulf of Maine, south to the Caribbean and west to The Gulf of Mexico.


I started out in smaller boats, learning the basics of operating small craft in all sorts of conditions. In my teens I went overseas to Europe and skippered my father’s 50 foot powerboat across the English Channel and throughout the waterways of France and Belgium. I built on that foundation by returning home and using my own vessels for commercial fishing, chartering and commercial diving, having received my Open Water Diving Certificate in 1975. In 1984, I received my 100 Ton Masters License and have held many maritime jobs including launch operator, navigation and piloting instructor, delivery captain, charter boat captain and crew/captain of countless private yachts. I have, also, been hired to help people with the daunting task of purchasing the right boat for them because of my background with such a variety of vessels. In addition, I am an accomplished amature meteorologist and have proven to be an invaluable asset for making tactical decisions concerning weather and route planning.


I have traversed the waters from The Gulf of Maine to The Gulf of Mexico, including the Bahamas and the Caribbean. Presently, I own and operate an eco-tour/whale-watch company out of Nantucket utilizing my own vessel Shearwater, a 47' power catamaran.


Lastly, as a result of my background with sail and power boats, I have a good understanding of most mechanical and electrical systems. I have also developed very good problem-solving abilities and can trouble-shoot many system failures.


Please consider me for your next delivery either as captain or experienced mate. If you do not have crew, I can supply my own team of exceptionally qualified individuals in the form of my two sons. One holds his own Masters license and the other crews for me on a regular basis.


Blair Perkins

Our crew can pilot your boat for you are sail with you.


Captain Blair Perkins, USCG Certified.
The Shearwater, Capt. Perkins Touring vessel.
East Coast Yacht Delivery is based in Nantucket, MA